Benne Analytics


Privacy-first , GDPR-compliant Google Analytics alternative.

Benne Analytics provides insightful and privacy-focused web analytics for businesses. Understand your website traffic without compromising user privacy. Simple, transparent, and user-friendly analytics. It empowers businesses with clear, actionable data while respecting user privacy, making it a GDPR compliant alternative to products such as Google Analytics. Benne Analytics is ideal for anyone seeking simple, transparent, and ethical web analytics that's compliant with privacy regulations and does not violate regulatory frameworks of many EU nations and other privacy-conscious countries. It combines a privacy-centric approach with a laser focus on delivering essential metrics and insights vital for business growth. Tailored for entrepreneurs and marketers, it ensures robust data without compromising user privacy.
Benne Analytics

Benne Analytics is a privacy-first web analytics platform, 100% compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR..