REST API monitoring made easy. For Python and Node.js projects.

Apitally helps you understand how your APIs are being used and alerts you when things go wrong. Just add two lines of code to your project. API TRAFFIC MONITORING: METRICS & INSIGHTS Get actionable usage and performance insights about your API, each endpoint and individual API consumers, allowing you to make informed, data-driven engineering and product decisions. API monitoring was never this easy. - Requests: Track number of requests over time, per endpoint and per consumer - Error rates: Monitor client & server errors, get a breakdown of returned status codes - Response times: Understand the performance of each endpoint, identify bottlenecks - Payload sizes: Keep track of request & response sizes and total data transferred API UPTIME MONITORING & ALERTING Monitor API uptime and availability and get notified immediately if there is a problem, so you can address it before it impacts consumers. - Uptime checks: Apitally automatically checks whether your application is running and is sending data to our servers every minute. - Health checks: Send HTTP GET requests to a specified endpoint in 1 minute intervals to monitor the availability of your API.
Simon Gurcke

Solo-building Apitally, a super easy to use REST API monitoring platform.