Turn your documents into an AI-driven knowledge base you can talk to.

Alceos is a user-friendly platform with AI-driven tools for businesses to leverage their data effectively. By simply uploading documents, we create a knowledge base to hold information which our Q&A tool uses to provide reliable and contextual answers to complex questions. Our AI assistant uses tools such as the Q&A features to provide accurate and actionable answers in real-time. As we develop additional capabilities, such as advanced math, task automation, and internet access, Alceos will both businesses to work faster by streamlining access to business knowledge, integrate augmented AI-driven features in their products and create safer and more capable chatbots for customer support, sales, and documentation management. Our mission is to make cutting-edge AI tools accessible and transformative for businesses of all sizes.
Iliane Amadou

I run Alceos, a startup that helps businesses use AI to do more with the data they already have