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Get AI Ad, Content and Strategy Ideas for your product simply by inserting your page URL. Who it can help: entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters who want to save time and get new ideas for promotion. How Aiter can help: - Get results fast when a deadline is coming. We've been there – it happens that the deadline dragon is on the prowl, and you have a sh*tload to do. Our AI tool is handy in such cases – get texts in a second. - Get fuel for your creativity. Aiter can't do all the work for you, but it's an excellent place to start. It will give you new ideas on positioning and promoting your product. - Solve several challenges with one AI tool. Get text ads, key strategy concepts, content and SEO keywords for your product in one click with one tool. This is like an AI Swiss Army Knife! How Aiter works: 1. Insert your page URL or enter the product description manually. 2. Choose your creativity level. 3. Get ready-to-use AI ads, content and strategy ideas. Aiter's features: - Strategy concepts. Learn typical Jobs To Be Done and barriers for your product, generate marketing persona, value proposition and positioning statements with a click. - Text ads. Create universal ads or ads that target specific barriers or needs of your audience. Generate ads for Google, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. - Content. Generate posts to promote your product in a second, and get different ideas for promo content. - SEO keywords. A straightforward yet powerful tool to create a semantic core for your page. Give it a try, and explore Aiter now:

One-click AI Ads, Content and Strategy Generator