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SnoreFree® is the 1st health app that can cure the problem of snoring naturally.

With the SnoreFree® health app you can IMPROVE your SLEEP and LIFE QUALITY and REDUCE your SNORING SOUNDS within only a few weeks. Our anti-snore gym provides you daily a personalised training plan and is based on easy to follow speech therapy video-exercises. CURE your SNORING NATURALLY without the need of a painful surgery and expensive or uncomfortable devices. Be far more POWERFUL in everyday LIFE and bring more HARMONY in your relationship. A visible improvement of your sleep quality occurs with just 10 minutes of a daily SnoreFree workout. More than 80% of our regular users report a significant reduction of their snoring, and experience a remarkable upgrade of their sleep & life quality. Snoring is not a harmless matter and should not be underestimated. It is almost always caused by a muscular weakness in the mouth and throat, the tissues become flaccid and obstruct the flow of breath during sleep. In severe cases, snoring can even lead to breath intermittent sleep, the so called obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), which can result in symptoms such as tiredness during the day, general loss of performance, and in the long term even stroke or heart attack. In cases of heavy snoring the life expectancy can be reduced by up to 10 years. The SnoreFree method is a unique therapy developed by the Viennese speech therapist and our co-founder Dario Lindes. He has successfully used his specially logopedic workout with hundreds of patients for more than 13 years. It tackles the snoring problem not just symptomatically, but rather at its root cause – the weak, loose muscles in the throat and pharynx which prevent the flow of breath. You can find some international studies and basic research on snoring prevention related to speech therapy on our homepage: We developed the SnoreFree app in English & German, based on this very effective method. The app contains 50+ easy-to-follow video exercises. This oral gym strengthen the muscles in the mouth, palate, tongue, and around the throat, helping them to stay firm during sleep and keep the airways open. A visible improvement and reduction of snoring occurs when you train only a few weeks for just 10 minutes a day. The SnoreFree App is a UNIQUE and EFFICIENT ANTI-SNORE-WORKOUT. It’s a smart oral fitness studio based on easy to follow speech therapy exercises. Gentle, efficient and exactly adapted to you and your practice behaviours. SnoreFree includes 49 EASY TO FOLLOW speech therapy VIDEO EXERCISES. Your daily workout adapts gently, efficiently and precisely to you and your personal training behaviours. 101 REMEDIES to IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP CYCLE for DEEP, RESTFUL & HEALTHY SLEEP. SnoreFree contains several meditations, tips and tricks from the areas of nutrition, well-being, fitness and much more. The SnoreFree guided anti snoring workout is designed for anyone who has already tried other approaches without success such as: snore pillow, sleep tracker, surgery, apnea machine, apnea app, snore recording app, breathing app, chin strap, nose clip, cpap mask, anti snore wristband, nasal strips, mouthpieces, mouth guards, etc. or is SUFFERING FROM: > sleeping problems > mild sleep apnea > loud snoring sounds > relationship problems due to snoring FREE DOWNLOAD including 6 exercises and a test training You can download the SnoreFree app for free and without obligations to check out the SnoreFree training. The free version includes 6 video exercises a test training and a reduced app functionality. PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION models In order to make full use we offer 3 PREMIUM PURCHASE in-app models and a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION including all SnoreFree features like 49 logopedic video-exercises, a daily personalised training-plan, anatomic explanatory videos, relaxing meditations, tipps and tricks to prevent snoring and to sleep much deeper. Pricing in the USA 1 Month - Starter - US$ 8,99 / month - Noticeable success after a few weeks. 3 Months - Advised - US$ $24.99 - Recommended minimum training time. 12 Months - Great Price - US$ 84.99 - One year unlimited training - the price of only 1h therapy LifeTime - Best Choice - US$ 249.99 - Stay your entire life snore free. Meet the inventor of the SnoreFree method each Sunday live from 5 pm - 6 pm (EDT). Register yourself to the weekly and free consultation hour on
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Snore Free can INCREASE your SLEEP & LIFE quality & CURE the problem of SNORING within a few weeks.