Automagically converts ordinary vector images into a sketchy / hand-drawn-like style in seconds!

A revolutionary restyler for diagrams, flow charts, data visuals, and infographics. => Get eye-catching visuals for your articles, presentations, and reports literally in seconds. Now you can turn your ordinary flow-charts and diagrams into captivating illustrations for articles, presentations, or social media posts. You can generate an unlimited variety of icons for your website. You can enhance your infographics and visuals so they will look eye-catching. And everything is possible in a couple of mouse clicks. The current version includes the following features: * Ready-to-use presets * Dozen of controls to tweak the look of the resulting image including re-coloring, re-shaping, changing the style of strokes and fillings * Import from SVG, PDF, and EPS * Export to SVG, high-resolution PNG, animated GIF, and Mpeg4 * Monochrome raster image tracing to vector * Simple animation Here you can find more examples of the restyled images Try out the service at Thank you for checking out the INSTAD.IO. I always appreciate any feedback and would be happy to hear your thoughts.
Greg Zemskov

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