EventBookings is a low-cost event creation, promotion, hosting & ticketing application.

EventBookings is an end-to-end event ticketing and management software solution. An array of excellent, user-friendly, industry-standard features, including event promotion and marketing features, are designed to benefit event organizers, event managers, and event attendees globally, with a unified environment. Organizers have full control of the prices of the tickets and the level of pricing. EventBookings lets organizers make the necessary changes to ticketing packages, special prices to ensure that your requirements, as well as the needs and requests of your attendees, are completely addressed. One of the most exciting features of this ticketing software is its direct integration of high-quality video streaming and conference platforms. Instead of opting for a third-party association, users can log into their Event account and get all the access to the video conference platform.

Create events, sell tickets and track attendees easily.