All-in-one data quality platform to clean, deduplicate, validate and enrich contact data

Boardana is a platform to cleanse, deduplicate and validate contact data using AI. Boardana monitors data quality to keep contact data instantly updated and synced among all the tools in use: CRMs, marketing automation, support, and CS solutions (over 1000 platforms available). The tools for contact data quality available on the market are either designed for big enterprises or developed for tech-savvy folks when a user has to grasp a batch of rules. However, the cases for contact data cleansing are more or less typical. With Boardana, the flow of contact data cleansing, validation and enrichment is automated: 1. It all starts with a CSV file with contact data upload. FYI, we are working on the integrations with CRMs, and marketing automation tools - coming soon. 2. Boardana automatically scores contact data in a file on 10+ cases: - identifies the fields in a file (so you don’t need to do this manually), - Detects language and data fields - Identifies and merges duplicates - Detects personal, business, generic email addresses - Splits first and last names - Removes legal abbreviations (co, LLC, Inc., etc.), - Removes middle name from name and splits the full name - Extracts domain from email - Extracts first and last name from email address - Normalizes words to the first capital letter and the rest lowercase letters - Removes symbols, comas and emojis - Splits mailing addresses to fields 3. Once the issues are identified, the next steps are to cleanse the dataset, validate emails and phones and enrich the data with additional public information. 4. Automated contact data cleaning, email and phone validation and enrichment are available in beta now, reach out to us in chat in your Boardana account to have it sorted. 5. Contact us for Boardana's all-in-one API, it can be used used for real-time data cleansing, fraud detection on sign-up, and contact engagement.
Olivia Milton

Co-founder of Boardana