New way to manage, engage, & retain customers, with AI

Zixflow redefines how we manage & engage contacts. It's agile, customizable, and AI-driven. A unified workspace to shape your CRM, automate workflows, and drive engagement through Email, SMS & WhatsApp. What makes Zixflow different? ✅ Sleek and user-friendly UI ✅ All-in-one workspace ✅ Highly customizable for diverse use cases ✅ Transparent pricing and pay-as-you-go for campaigns ✅ Make engagement and automation flows seamlessly ✅ Zixflow AI to work for you ✅ Robust data security and precise user permission control What's Inside Zixflow? 📍 Track interactions with your customers 📍 Create contact lists for every use case 📍 Visualize data with table and kanban views 📍 Run outreach campaigns via SMS, Email, and WhatsApp 📍 Manage replies in a unified inbox 📍 Easily find and verify email addresses 📍 Capture leads with sleek and modern forms 📍 Zixflow AI for custom fields, personalization, and spontaneous ice-breakers 📍 Automate with cadences and workflow automation
Neha Sharma

Marketing manager