Mentoring and consulting for B2B and B2C

Initially, we started with small pieces to build this platform but shortly realized that to build such, there should be a lot of things communicating between each other to give users a great experience. I've brought the most challenging to build in the list: 🚦 Flexible search to find and filter experts(category, sub-category, skills, language, rating, verification, and more) 🗓️ The planner page is where you can see all the events that come to you or you made. This is one of the hardest features here; we did a lot of complex communications to build this page where, as a consultant, you want to see all your meetings with a calendar or list. 📼 Video calls and their recording. After all the time you and the expert spend together, you may want to have a video recording to show it to your growing team department. ⏱️ Book a call. Oh, this was interesting; you may think about it this way..when you are going on a call with an expert, you may want to ask him straightforward questions so both of you will understand the context and will not talk about "weather" all the time. Also, if you are an expert, you may want to have only some specific time to have a book, like every Friday from 5pm. Yeah, so we build our own internal framework to handle such complex cases, see for yourself! 🚚 System where experts can flexibly create their own custom services to provide. Including but not forcing them to select for whom they want to provide a service for individuals or for businesses only. When creating a service, they can select what questions the requester needs to answer, when the expert wants to have consultations, etc. If I create a successful business owner in my career, and I may want to mentor someone, I don't have all day to do this, and definitely, I want to understand before even a call if I can help this person with his questions. 📢 Notifications, Profile, Book Detail, etc.
Dmytro Diachenko