Noteshelf, the acclaimed note-taking app that has millions of users.

Introducing Noteshelf 3: A Revolutionary Note-Taking Experience Background Back in 2010, we started working on Noteshelf when the first iPad was launched by Steve Jobs. Since then, we've improved it with many releases and three major redesigns, making Noteshelf the favorite note-taking app for millions worldwide. Noteshelf 3: A Big Step Forward in Note-Taking After a year of hard work, we're excited to introduce Noteshelf 3—a major upgrade in easy note-taking. Let's look at the main improvements that make Noteshelf 3 special. Customization Tailored for Everyone "We know everyone takes notes differently." - Anonymous. Knowing this, Noteshelf 3 lets you customize it extensively to suit your preferences. Personalized Toolbar In Noteshelf 3, you can customize the toolbar completely. You can choose which tools you need the most, making it easier to access them with just one tap. Diverse Templates for Every Need In response to user feedback, Noteshelf 3 now offers hundreds of templates for various note-taking purposes. Whether you need simple grids or multi-page diaries, you'll find what you need in the new template gallery. Personalized Notebook Covers Understanding that note-taking is personal, Noteshelf 3 introduces a new way to design covers. You can now create beautiful covers effortlessly using photos from Unsplash and add your own handwritten notes or doodles. Distraction-Free Environment To minimize distractions, Noteshelf 3 introduces a customizable floating toolbar. The new FOCUS mode, activated with a quick 4-finger tap gesture, provides a full-screen note-taking experience, giving you more space for your notes. Noteshelf AI for Enhanced Notes Noteshelf 3 now includes Noteshelf AI—a personal note-taking assistant powered by AI. You can use it to create beautiful handwritten notes on any topic, understand complex concepts, summarize content, and even translate notes into different languages. Streamlined Organization and Search Building on our efficient note organization, Noteshelf 3 introduces Content Views—a new way to quickly find notes based on photos, recordings, and bookmarks. The global search now supports 60 different languages. Home Section for Unified Access A new Home section gives you centralized access to all your notes, with a tips & tricks section and inspirational notes taken in Noteshelf. Easy Color Switching Noteshelf 3 makes color switching easier by giving you quick access to pen colors and sizes with a single tap on a mini toolbar. Endless Discoveries Noteshelf 3 offers many more improvements beyond what we've mentioned here. If you're already using Noteshelf 2, explore the app to find out what's new. Conclusion Noteshelf 3 shows our dedication to providing the best note-taking experience possible. Download Noteshelf 3 now and see the future of note-taking!

Marketing Team at Fluidtouch