A platform made to help renewable energy businesses.

GDash helps you offer world-class support to prosumers, enabling them to achieve top performance for their PV systems. It allows you to proactively identify issues and provide solutions. With GDash, you can help customers go green. Staying connected is key to ensuring a sustainable business model. Offer your prosumers a new monitoring portal, designed specifically for your brand and hosted on your domain. This portal will centralize all existing and new systems into one platform, eliminating the need for additional hardware installations. Save time and centralize the monitoring of your photovoltaic systems. Sync your solar plants, monitor their performance, and receive push notifications for operational alerts. Accelerate the success of your O&M (Operations and Maintenance). Boost your team's productivity by automating processes with a support ticketing system for solar O&M. Monitor your customers' solar plants and gain insights into the power output of their PV systems on one platform.
Felipe Freire