Anonymous visitor identification tool, resistant to VPN, incognito,etc

AnoId is a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize web visitor identification and tracking. Easily installed on websites, web applications, or web portals, this plugin goes beyond conventional tracking methods to identify and follow anonymous visitors, even in the face of common anonymization tactics such as clearing cache, cookies, using incognito mode, VPNs, or changing IP addresses. What are AnoId benefits: ✓ Enables businesses to conduct more precise strategies (marketing, security, etc). ✓ Allows businesses to increase user engagement and sales. ✓ Facilitates data-driven decision making, using visualized analytics. ✓ Offers easy installation, free support and updates without dependency on the technical team. Why AnoId Stands Out: The key differentiator of AnoId is that it is a server-side solution that is resistant to most popular anonymization techniques (such as VPN or incognito mode), or to local storage cleaning. Besides, it distinguishes several accounts linked to one device. If the user applies one of these methods, AnoId keeps that user recognized and complements his existing history instead of creating a new user ID and disrupting the activity record. Key Features: - Seamless integration with existing web products - Real-time tracking of audience behavior and history - Accurate identification of anonymous visitors, even in the face of anonymization tools - Calculation of accuracy of anonymous visitors identification - Integration with authentication providers - Integration with Google Analytics - Visualization of audience analytics on a dashboard - Overview and visualization of an individual visitor behavior Who Can Use AnoId: AnoId plugin is tailored for businesses that use websites, web apps, web portals to sell their products or services and looking for: - Selling their products or services more efficiently - Improving targeting of their strategies (marketing, security, others) - Knowing their audience better - Interacting with all their audience more accurately AnoId is versatile and can be used in various business domains, including Martech, Fintech, Digital Publishing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Education, Advertising, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Retail, Telecom, and more. Submit request to [email protected] — we will get back to you shortly and provide you the access to your AnoId account, where you can setup your company and site, download the installation script and start tracking anonymous users after implementing it on your platform.
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