When Delta passengers in Detroit look at a ‘Parallel Reality’ screen, they see only their flight

Inside a terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, thousands of passengers a week are finding their way to gates using technology that looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Delta Air Lines recently introduced a “Parallel Reality” system that lets travelers access individual flight information on a shared overhead screen based on a scan of their boarding pass — or their face. The twist is that 100 people can do this at a time, all using the same digital screen but only seeing their own personal details. Unlike a regular TV or video wall, in which each pixel would emit the same color of light in every direction, the board sends different colors of light in different directions. Delta says overhead screens can be misinterpreted, and phones can present a safety hazard. Parallel Reality allows multiple people to look at the same information board simultaneously. The technology was developed by a company called Misapplied Sciences. Delta invested in the start-up three years ago and will eventually roll out the technology across all U.S. hubs. source and details: