Welcome to the TruStacks Community!

Welcome to the TruStacks BetaPage! Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to deliver TruStacks open source. As of now, we are placing the finishing touches on our first iteration of tooling and documentation. We are looking forward to the future together as we build the de facto solution for ready to code DevOps. Our mission is "ultra-standardization" with the aim of reducing operational complexity for software teams. If you are as tired of writing and maintaining software pipelines as we are, then you are going to love TruStacks. Build once, use everywhere across any software vertical or deployment target such as Kubernetes, IoT, Mobile and more. Your experience and unique subject matter expertise will make this vision possible. There is still much to be done, but here is a look at the WIP and Roadmap items: #### WIP Core CLI/API: - react application creation - integrated secrets management (sops/age) Components: - Keycloak - Vault - Argo Workflows - SonarQube React workflow enhancements: - API contract testing - UAT - Load Testing - Environment promotion - VSCode development container Odoo workflow enhancements: - runbot test - odoo module deployment General: - OSS License (probably GPL3/LGPL3) #### Roadmap - Contributor docs - ExpressJS workflow - FastAPI workflow - VueJS workflow - .Net/C# workflow - Flutter workflow - Golang workflow - Dogfooding TruStacks workflows to build TruStacks Core (🤯) We will be making an official roadmap and planning will be done using the following [trello]( board Stay tuned for a demo video displaying the existing solution capabilities and we will be in touch shortly with more updates. Thanks again for joining the TruStacks BetaPage and we hope you have a great week!