New TruStacks Update

Hi TruStacks Community! We are edging closer to our readiness target. We are ironing out some final touches on the react pipeline and we have decided to move forward with CI driver integration. CI drivers are the bridge between the toolchain and the workflow CI pipeline. We are working on the Concourse CI provider and anticipate being done by end of week. Our TruStacks OSS Trello board is officially live ( Let us know if you are interested in contributing now or in the future and we can get you member access. Core contributions to the OSS offering will be sprint based in preparation for TruStacks SaaS and TruStacks Enterprise. This will be a great opportunity to skill up on agile software practices and the latest and greatest software delivery and CI/CD offerings. Thank you for your participation and support as we make TruStacks the de facto solution for "last mile" software delivery.