An important message about the #FutureofWork

Over 5 years ago, we launched Nova - a new online workspace with a mission to help teams and organizations work together faster and without the chaos. Thanks to the contribution of experts and leaders like you, we’ve made some powerful improvements to make our workspace more capable of doing work for you. Earlier this month we released new solutions to continue to support teams and organizations. Some of those releases include: - Live Meeting Tag - teams can now tag sessions to differentiate work that should be asynchronous or work that’s expected to be completed during meetings. - Internal sessions - Teams can assign sessions as “Team Only” in order to have external collaborators only see what you want them to see, and keep internal work private. - Public Web Pages - Entire sessions can be turned into public webpages no matter if these are whiteboards, training sessions, or an idea wall - making it easy for teams to turn a space where people are collaborating into a final and shareable website. - Updated Whiteboard Templates - Cleaner more user-friendly templates are now available. Survey Template - A whole new suite of survey templates have been added. - Time Tracking Reports - Users can download the new time tracking reports along with an CSV file for easy billing management. Being successful in this day and age entails more than it used to. That’s why Nova continues to release updates and improvements - because your success is our success. We believe these updates along with the fundamental platform of Nova allows you to: - Collaborate with your team effectively even if your team is working from multiple time zones. - Guide your team and provide the support they need 24/7. - Manage the collaborative and creative process to ensure things move smoothly. - Ensure your team can work at velocity and maintain scalability to ensure you stay competitive. Nova does this by leveraging a goal-oriented workspace that coordinates people, tasks, work and decisions to accelerate the process, hit deadlines, maintain accountability and encourage collaboration. Empower team members to make decisions with confidence by giving them clarity and certainty on how things need to be done. Track progress and decisions in real-time so you can adapt to client needs, emerging risks or the business landscape in general more quickly. Leverage technology to automate routine and repetitive tasks, letting a workspace like Nova work for you. Reduce blockers, uncertainty, and communication silos by working in real-time with defined workflows and milestones. Nova can be your ‘secret weapon’ for managing your collaborative work for you. If you are anything like us, you are itching to ensure the solutions we build today are the solutions that will lead us to a bright future. For some of the most complex, multi-faceted projects of our generation, Nova is the right tech - designed to move at velocity, with care, and fairly to make sure we aren’t too late. With a world facing existential challenges like climate change, war, and poverty, ensuring teams take advantage of their collective knowledge to make informed decisions is imperative to our success but can be challenging if we aren’t able to work together effectively. Nova is leading the future of work, and your feedback will shape how we think about it. Learn more about Nova at or contact us at [email protected]