AI Device Tells You Why Your Baby Is Crying

Parents will soon be able to track their baby’s activity 24/7 using an AI (artificial intelligence) device that clips onto their clothes and connects to a smartphone. It uses deep learning algorithms to learn each baby’s individual habits, noises, and daily routine . . . and to tell parents WHY their baby is crying. Is he or she hungry, in pain, or tired? The device can tell the difference. The device clips onto the clothes of a baby, using AI to monitor their vital signs and listen for everything from breathing patterns to gurgling to crying. It also provides a real-time lifesaving alert if something is seriously wrong, and records the baby's long-term emotional and developmental story. The LittleOne.Care platform aims to inform the parents before an emergency occurs. It also provides instructions for what to do in specific emergency situations. The device also tracks the baby's development, providing a clear picture of the child's life events. Source and Details :